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The Advantage Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation Difference

We are an independent facility, providing outpatient physical therapy services. Because we are not affiliated with a hospital, surgical center, or corporation, we aren’t restricted in the time we spend with each patient. Your therapist will spend as much time as they deem necessary to work with you at each visit.

You will be scheduled with the same therapist for each PT session so that your plan and progress are created and observed by the same person. This continuity of care directly leads to more efficient treatment and significant gains toward your goals.

Knee Stimulation, Somerset, MA

A Little History

Kevin C. Harding, MPT, graduated from Nova University in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He has been working in hospital orthopedics and outpatient settings for more than two decades. His experiences working for Southcoast Hospitals led him to founding his own physical therapy practice.

Kevin wanted to provide the kind of individual, thorough care that was not always feasible in larger, hospital settings. He established Advantage Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation to meet the needs of patients who would benefit from his vision of PT. He and his fun, friendly staff have been treating patients in Somerset, MA since 2001.

Come in to experience the Advantage Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation difference! Call 508.675.0248 or contact us today to make an appointment.

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