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Sports-Related Injuries

Sports injuries require us to create unique physical therapy plans, geared towards returning the athlete to his or her previous level of function. In addition to regular treatment modalities, we will work with you on strengthening your muscles and ensuring you are ready to return to athletics, stretching exercises to use before engaging in your sport, and proper form to prevent further injuries. If you’re motivated to get back to the action, we’re ready to help you get there! The therapists at Advantage Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation have the knowledge, skill, and drive to help you, but you have to commit to do the work!

Baseball Injury, Somerset, MA

Eliminate the Pain

Sports rehab will also help you reduce and eliminate the pain from an injury. Our therapeutic methods focus on the joints and muscles around the joints, getting you back in shape and erasing your pain.

Tips for Avoiding Injury

You can take steps to avoid some of the most common sports injuries. Before your game/match begins, warm up your muscles adequately and then stretch. Failing to warm up and stretch before engaging in athletic activity can lead to sprains, strains, muscle tears, and other injuries. Your pregame warmup can also improve your performance during the game and reduce soreness later.

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